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With 4 events on the calendar for 2024 we will be timing our rides to coincide with seasonal changes. Our 1st event will kick off in the Okanagan where we can access the dry high country early in the year. The 2nd event will fall in June deep in the east Kootenays cruising through the massive valleys. Our 3rd will hit the coast in the peak heat of July. Hopefully the lush rainforest canopies will keep us shaded as the more difficult technical terrain turns up the heat. And the final will be the Kokanee Prospector. This year it will be the grand finale as each event will progress in length and difficulty. The Prospector will take on a challenging loop with options for a shorter day. This ride will leave from the Tuft Basecamp situated in the Selkirk mountains just outside of Nelson. Our goal is to bring these awesome rides and people to your region so we can all get to know each other better while having an amazing day out.

Discover The Difference Of Training Smarter

Training doesn’t have to be torturous. You simply have to learn the secrets of how to train smarter, not harder.

Tuft Camps are different from every other camp out there. We don’t just smash out volume without structure in a warm location. We offer a holistic approach to training. We teach you the clear difference between health and fitness — you can have one without the other. The more sustainable approach is to learn to have them both.

Discover The Difference Of Training Smarter


You’ll come away from this camp with lessons and an experience that will apply not only to your sport, but to the rest of your life.

You’ll learn the art of training smarter, not harder, in a natural setting, a stunning location, and with high performance individuals who have worked with the best on the world stage.

An Individual Approach

Each experience is developed to your current fitness and goals. This camp is all about you & your journey.

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to Tuft.

We’ll help you learn what works best for you.

A wealth of science and experience to take your athletic and everyday performance to the next level.

The Road Less Traveled

We’ll transform your training philosophy. You’ll no longer have to slog out insane k’s in the hopes of gaining a marginal improvement in your FTP. And the time you get back can be devoted to other more important areas of your life that matter, such as family, friends and work. You’ll take this new holistic approach to every aspect of your life.

Through the Tuft Camp experience, you’ll learn how to apply science in the real world for you. You’ll be able to amplify the training signal from every purposeful session. You’ll discover that there is indeed ‘a better road to Rome’.

We are running custom camps and adventures. Let us know on the apply page what you are looking to do and we will help make it happen.

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