May 3-5  Tag Cycling – Okanagan Camp : Registration closed

May 14-19  Svein Tuft Okanagan Road Camp with Steve Neal : Register here
May 26  Part 1 of Ascension Tour. High Plains gravel ride Register Here
 June 7-9  XFondo Training camp. Fraser Valley, B.C. Register here
June 16  Part 2 of Ascension Tour East Kootenay Lowland event Register here
June 20-23  The Last Drop road camp. Okanagan. Full

June 28-30 
 White Grizzly gravel camp. Collaboration with white Grizzly lodge and Tuftcamps. Contact for more info


July 2-7 Tuft Basecamp with Steve Neal gravel camp. Kootenays. Register here


July 11-14 Trans rockies
July 14 Okanagan Gran fondo
July 14 Gericks shop ride
July 28th Part 3 of Ascension tour. Coastal Cordillera. Fraser Valley. Register here
August 11 Gericks shop Ride

August 29th to September 1st. The Last drop pre RBC GranFondo training camp. Vancouver. Full 

September 7 RBC GranFondo event

September 8th Part 4 of Ascension Tour. Kokanee Prospector. Register here

September 13-15 Tuftcamps and White Grizzly lodge gravel camp. Contact for more information.

September 19-22nd Gents group guided tour of Kootenay’s. Gravel. Full.


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